Children will learn about the French language and culture in Key Stage 2 (Years 3-6). It is made fun by the use of a range of interesting teaching strategies. Children’s language knowledge is built up, bit by bit, by way of rhymes, songs, French stories, French dance, computer resources, writing activities and games.

School subscribes to ‘Linguascope’ which can be accessed at home, via passwords. This can be used to reinforce classroom learning.  Please go to to access the site. Education City French is also sometimes set for homework.


Language Clubs

 We are currently running our first ever KS2 Spanish Club after school, which gives children the opportunity to learn some basic language skills as well as the chance to experience some authentic Spanish culture and cuisine! Watch this space for more images of our Spanish explorers...



Languages Throughout School

At Highfield, we encourage children to respect and embrace and other cultures. This year, children will have the opportunity to learn and speak different languages from around the world with our 'Language of the Month!' We will also find out which languages are the most widely spoken, as well as researching the countries that use these languages.


Visit from the French Ambassadress 

In February, Upper KS2 had the opportunity to learn all about Wigan's twin town of Angers in France. Noemie, who is the ambassadress from the city, talked to the children about life in France, what the twinning means and gave us lots of fascinating facts about Angers! Did you know that they have their own version of a pie too? 

Year 5 and 6 also designed posters to celebrate the twinning, with extra facts they found out by themselves.