Quiz Night 2015 - The Rematch


Friday the 16th October saw the second PTFA family fun quiz held in school this year.

13 teams competed to become quiz champions in the themed 80’s quiz with teams representing various areas of our community.

The reigning champions carrying the quirky title “(insert funny team name here)” were removed as champions in this quiz by “The Bash Street Kids” a team containing new parents. “Jovi’s” the team containing some of our teachers, who did well in the previous quiz, could only manage fifth place this time, I think some of the ‘football’  and ‘1980’ questions took their toll.

“Team CJD” a team containing a governor, staff member and school supporters pushed “The Bash Street Kids” all the way to the final question. Eventually a tie break question was needed to finally separate the two teams, with “The Bash Street Kids” emerging as victors.

The prize for the best presented themed table was awarded to “The Rubik’s Cubers” a team of parents, on sheer scale of the size of their supporting Rubik’s Cube alone. There was some stiff competition from other tables which even included quizzers dressing up in an 80’s theme and a table containing a collection of electronic gadgets from the 80’s including a Stylophone, Casio music maker and Walkman. We even saw two tables in a Halloween theme!

“The Owld Speckled Hens” won the prize for being the strongest in holding all the other teams up from the bottom, (locally known as the booby prize).

Although all who attended had a fun filled night, the real impact was that the PTFA was able to raise a marvelous £239.00 that will be used for the benefit of ‘our’ children in school.

On behalf of the PTFA and all associated with school, I would like to thank all those who supported the event as without their support we could not achieve any of the above.

 I hope to see you all again at the next event and if this article has stimulated your interest and you would like to attend a future event then please let me know at highfieldcommunity@gmail.com and I’ll try to keep you informed of the next event.


Andrew Bond

Chair of Governors on behalf of the PTFA


Members of the winning team - The Bash Street Kids

Teams from the night.