E-Safety is an over arching theme that is embedded in many areas of our curriculum, practices and procedures.

We have worked hard to develop a progressive internet safety curriculum in our school, that equips our children with knowledge and understanding, along with an ability to make 'safe informed decisions' when online.

Our approach to internet safety is to treat it as a whole school community issue, with educational messages embedded across Computing/ICT, PSHE, SRE and Citizenship, as well as touching on e-safety issues across the curriculum whenever and wherever children are using technology.



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Here you will see what we have been up to on our annual E-Safety Week. 



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The Bridge

A safe social networking platform for our Key Stage 2 children and teachers to connect safely on.  



CEOP would actively like to encourage all organisations that have an online presence where children and young people congregate to adopt the CEOP ‘ Report Abuse’ mechanism.