Click 'The Bridge' to go to our new social networking site:




The Bridge is a Social Networking site, a bit like Facebook, but without the risks because only children from Highfield St Matthews can join up.

The site is monitored by staff and anything added to the site is completely visible to all. The Bridge is controlled and owned by the school which means that the school decides who has an account. The site will give the staff the opportunity to teach the children how to be safe when using a social networking site and how to be responsible for their actions.


What will the children be able to do on The Bridge?

  • Create their own Avatar
  • Write a profile
  • Send instant messages—like Twitter
  • Play Games
  • Comment on each others pages
  • Write their own blog
  • Make friends with other children in school

 And much, much, more!


What will the children not be able to do on The Bridge?

  • Privately email or message each other
  • Make friends with anyone outside of  Highfield St Matthews
  • Share any photo’s or files privately with each other
  • Behave in any way which may upset  others



If you need more advice or support, please see me and I will always help.  

This web link will take you to The Bridge Homepage.

It has lots of information on it.

Many Thanks,

Mrs McCann