Year 4


We are currently learning about explanation texts.

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Hinning House

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Our recent visit to Bridgewater Hall

Here are a few facts about the hall:

  • The Bridgewater Hall took exactly 3½ years to build, from digging the foundations in March
    1993, to the opening concert in September 1996.  
  • The auditorium can seat 2,400 people, which includes a choir of nearly 300. Every seat has been specially designed so that even if it is not a full house, all the sound bounces as though
    every chair was taken.  
  • The Bridgewater Hall organ is the largest mechanical organ to be installed in Britain this
    century. It has over 5,500 pipes – the largest is on the front and is 32 feet long, the smallest
    is less than two inches. The whole organ is the size of a four-storey house with stairs and
    passageways inside. The organ weighs 22 tons and cost £120,000 to build.

Our Trip to Wigan

On Wednesday 20th September, we had an exciting trip to Wigan. We travelled by train, both there and back. During our visit, we enjoyed an interesting workshop based on the idea of identity. The workshop was held in the Museum of Wigan Life. This visit has been closely linked to our topic called 'Who we are'. The topic is based around the idea of being a 'Wiganer'. 

We will use our experience of viewing interesting places in Wigan and the workshop, as a basis to complete many exciting learning tasks back in school


What learning looks like in Y4