Year 6 2017 - 2018

Miss Caunce and Mrs Higgins

Welcome to the Year Six Class Page. 

In Year 6 you are expected to:

  • Become more independent and do things for yourself.
  • Read lots of different things, including newspapers.
  • Take responsibility for doing your homework and handing it in on time. Use your homework diary to help you keep track.
  • Keep practising your times-tables: you need to know them inside out!
  • Present work to a high standard.
  • Set a good example to the younger children in the school.
  • Work collaboratively, helping and supporting one another.
  • Try your very best and never give up!

What an amazing year we have had in Year 6!

The children are busy working on their end of year production - prepare to be amazed!


Mrs Higgins and Miss Caunce





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First Lego League Project

 Year 6 have embarked on a very exciting project - Lego Mindstorms.  This is where the children built their own robot and learned to program it to carry out simple tasks and functions.  Here's some of the experiences we have had.  



"Animals Including Humans"

We carried out an experiment to see if lung capacity is directly related to body size.  Ask us about it - we'd love to share what we have learned!

Junior Chef

In the first week back after the Easter holidays, our children were given a fantastic opportunity to be chefs for the afternoon.  We have learned all about weird and wonderful fruit and vegetables and the benefits to our health and fitness.  Along with the visiting chef, we have prepared and created a "power salad", full of vitamins and energy foods, to help us through the day.


The children had a great time and learned much about different food groups, putting together types of food that we wouldn't necessarily think would go together.  

Theme - World War 2 and the Battle of Britain


Today, we came in from lunchtime and our classroom had been transformed into an air raid shelter!

We listened to the sounds of the air raid and talked about some of the things that children would do to pass the time during the raids.  

Equaliteas Week


For the first week in July, we have been concentrating on what it means to be equal today, and in particular, the fight of equality within our voting system.  Year 6 have been researching the history of the British voting system and the certain Parliamentary Acts that have got us to the place we are today.  For our first day of Equaliteas week, we all came dressed as we might have looked at the turn of the century.