Welcome Back Year 6!


This is going to perhaps be the most important year of your primary school years, and there's lots of hard work involved!  But we do also promise lots of fun (like our trip to Lockerbie) lots of fun learning experiences (like our trip to Stockport Air Raid shelters), wonderful new experiences (such as computer programming with Lego Robotics), as well as, of course, our famous end of year production.


Let's make this year the biggest and best so far.


Mrs Higgins and Miss Crawley

First Lego League Project


On Fridays during Autumn term, Year 6 have embarked on a very exciting project - Lego Mindstorms.  This is where the children will build their own robot and learn to program it to carry out simple tasks and functions.  Here's some of the experiences we have had so far.  Check in regularly to see how we get on.