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Highfield St Matthew's Church of England Primary School

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Trinity Payment Policy

Payment Policy

Breakfast Sessions                    7:30 - 8.40 am                       £5.80 per child per session

                                                               8:00 – 8:40 am                      £4.80 per child per session

                                                                  8:20 - 8:40am                     £2.40 per child per session


Afternoon Sessions                3:15 – 4:30 p.m.                       £5.80 per child per day

                                                            3:15 – 5:30 p.m.                       £9.30 per child per day

If your child is collected early, the full fee will still be required.  If your child is collected after the booked session, the fee for the following session will be payable.  All booked sessions must be booked and paid in advance on the Teachers2Parents App.  No bookings can be made on the day apart from exceptional circumstances.



We are not in a position to allow debts to build up. 

The following system will be applied, in line with the school’s Debt Management Policy.


Day 1 Session 1    Payment due

Day 2                          Arrears reminder issued via text message

Day 3                          2nd Arrears reminder issued via letter

Day 4                          3rd Arrears reminder issued via letter

Day 5                          Letter requesting immediate payment and confirming cancellation of place from Day 6.


NB       If arrears are outstanding after Day 5, parents will be required to make alternative arrangements for their child from Day 6, as the child’s place will be reallocated.

If you have any concerns regarding payments please contact the Trinity Manager initially.  Legal action will be taken in the event of persistent non-payment