Art and Design


Children are given the opportunity to explore and develop their practical and thinking skills using a variety of media and techniques. They are also given an insight into the working methods of known artists, architects and designers as well as different cultures throughout the world.

Children are also given opportunities to develop ideas across many subjects. We have celebrated Art in many forms within our school, such as Aspirations Week and the WOWs Art project. We look forward to sharing our masterpieces with you in the near future. 

Art Gallery

This year we embark on our new shine curriculum. The children will be developing their knowledge and skills through Art lessons. Each year group, will be displaying artwork within corridors, in classrooms or in their sketchbooks. As their work progresses, we will share our creations with you by sharing pictures and inviting you in to look through their sketchbooks. Each topic will focus on using developing different skills, using different materials and learning about famous artists, sculptors and designers. 

Take a look at all the amazing artwork that has been created this academic year! Year 3 have been observing insects closely and have been on a bug hunt to find a variety of insects! Year 1 have been busy becoming sculptors by using bread, sourdough and boxes!

Andi Taylor - July 2019

After collaborating with our children on two previous occasions, Andi Taylor has visited our school once again! With the help of every child in school, we have created a beautiful butterfly display running through our main corridor. The butterflies have been added to our previous artwork which displays our school values. As you can see from the pictures below, the children experimented with a range of techniques, materials and colours to produce an awe-inspiring display! 

Andi Taylor - June 2019

We have had the privilege of working again with Andi Taylor to create some beautiful pieces of canvas artwork to be displayed at the entrance of school. The children were given the theme of Christian Values and created their own designs.

Andi Taylor - April 2019

We have recently welcomed Andi Taylor, a local artist, to collaborate with our children to create a masterpiece for our entrance foyer. The children produced their own design and sketched it upon the canvas. They all worked together to paint the different elements of the design and have even made their own felt flowers! The art work will be displayed in our entrance foyer shortly but for now check out the pictures below!  

Reverend Pearson's leaving gift

We bid a fond farewell to Rev. Pearson on Sunday 9th June as he moves to another parish. As a parting gift, all of the children have made a piece of artwork with all of their finger prints on. It is something that i'm sure he will cherish forever.