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Highfield St Matthew's C of E Primary School

Let Your Light Shine

Please take a look at our subject pages, year group pages and Twitter accounts to see the 'SHINE' curriculum in action at Highfield St Matthew's !

Curriculum Philosophy


The 'Shine Curriculum'

Our curriculum has been designed by Highfield St. Matthew’s C.E Primary to provide a unique and exciting curriculum that is created to suit our children, their learning and their future. With God at the centre of our school, every child is valued. We prepare them to be a member of a class, school, local community and also for their future role in modern Britain and as a global citizen. We aspire to see a  Highfield student will compare reading texts to ones they have previously seen; support a learning buddy with a descriptive paragraph after morning break; come together to thank God as part of our community; apply learning from previous years to grammar and Mathematics before lunch; share equipment and make friends with all during the break; design/paint/ code and learn from the past in the afternoon– a truly cosmopolitan and deeply enriching citizen of tomorrow.

  • We aim to stimulate a thirst for further learning and knowledge across each subject and the whole school community, whilst keeping our curriculum broad and rich in stimulus. We are passionate about our subject leadership and how this has a place ‘at the top table’ of our school’s curriculum like every other. 
  • We provide a broad and balanced approach to our curriculum, which alongside Religious Education, English and Mathematics will empower our children with skills, knowledge and vocabulary rich experiences that excite and engage. We will encourage confident, caring, respectful and responsible citizens.
  • We provide a quality education that is inclusive and equips all our children to be lifelong learners. We use a variety of resources to assist us in delivering this curriculum including specialist teachers, visits and curriculum enhancement weeks and ensure links and relationships are meaningful to them.
  • We follow the national curriculum objectives and look to revisit them throughout the curriculum map within each subject, in order to build on and consolidate previous knowledge.
  • Whilst being at Highfield St. Matthew’s C.E Primary school, our children will receive a wide range of experiences to enhance their learning and to become well rounded individuals. Their happiness and futures are at the heart of Highfield St. Matthew’s twelve chosen Christian values.

These values:

Justice, forgiveness, trust, service, friendship, responsibility, resilience,

courage, creativity, hope, respect and peace,


are taught on a three-year cycle with six values in each cycle.


Our quality first teaching will engage and inspire. We will share with them the knowledge and skills required to ensure that every child ‘Shines’

S -Skills to equip us to access our learning

H -Having God at the centre

I – Inquisitive minds that have a thirst for knowledge

N -Never giving up and showing resilience

E -Evolving into ‘Lifelong Learners’


The curriculum ensures academic success, creativity and problem solving, reliability, responsibility and resilience, as well as physical development, well being and emotional health are key elements that support the development of the whole child and promote a positive attitude to learning.