We live in a wonderful world, here are a range of images to inspire you.

In Geography we take the opportunity to make the most of our school grounds and local environment, through observation and practical experience. We actively encourage children to be aware of and responsible for their world through work on local and global issues. i.e. Eco schools, land conservation, recycling and gardening.


What have we been up to?

In lower school we have enjoyed learning about lots of different places in the world and locating them on a map. We have also spent time finding out about our local environment and learning how to make our own plan view maps!  

In upper school we have also been developing our mapping skills but at al higher level.  Our geography curriculum is about equipping children with a range of skills that they can use in real life.


In both lower and upper school we provide children with opportunities to question and lead aspects of their learning (an enquiry based approach). 

We want to develop geographical thinking.



Miss Trencher      Mrs Turner