The Geography curriculum at Highfield St Matthew’s intends to inspire a curiosity and fascination about the world in which we live in.  We want to equip the children with knowledge about diverse places, people, resources and natural and human environments, together with a deep understanding of the Earth’s key physical and human processes.  

Policy and Action Plans


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Spring Term Geography units

Year group

Spring term 



Year 1

What are the seasons?

Year 2

Where does our food come from?

Year 3

How long will our world last?

Year 4

Does every drop matter?

Year 5

Where can I call home?

Year 6

Where on Earth does it come from?

Spring Term Unlocking Tasks

Autumn Term Geography

Here is the unlocking task from Year 2 to begin their learning on 'Why should we go to China?'

Year 2 have been locating physical features on a map of China.  Do you know what the capital city of China is?  Ask Year 2 to find out!


This half term, Year 3 are finding out 'What can we find in the UK?'  


 Year 3 have started their new Geography unit by discussing facts and using an atlas to identify the countries and cities within the UK.  Take a look at their Unlocking Task below. 




Here is Year 3's knowledge organiser to support their knowledge about the United Kingdom. 

Year 4

 For our unlocking task, we looked at different early settlements and decided why different communities chose to settle where they did. 

Our impact task was to design our own settlement based on our knowledge of what you would need to survive. Here are some examples...



The children in Year 6 will be finding out 'Why is keeping trade links with other countries important.'


Mrs Saunders and Miss Mitchell would like to announce the school eco-council:

Y1M: Lucas P, Charlie L                               Y1C: Riley S, Alice

         Y2S: Bella M, Finn O'G                                Y2B: Scarlett G, Jack M

  Y3S-Olivia T                                                 Y3K- Trent D
  Y4T/B- Annabelle R                                     Y4H-Mia B
  Y4C-Ffion B                                                Y5M-Charlie C
                    Y5B- Joel D                                                                                        Y5H- Eva M
                    Y6E-Noah A                                                 Y6S- Evie H

Miss Mitchell and Mrs Saunders had the pleasure of taking four of our new 'Eco-Champions to the Wigan Eco-School Conference.  We had a insightful experience and gathered many new ideas to become more eco-friendly in our school.  

We chose to walk to the conference to reduce air pollution and promote well-being.  On our return, the eco-champions decided to pick up litter to clean up our environment!  We have decided that every small decision makes a contribution to our world.  REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE!

Anabelle: "It was a fun day.  I care about clean air."

Noah: "I really enjoyed it today because I really felt like I was doing something to help the environment."

Charlie: "The presentations helped me to think about how to reduce plastic waste."

Olivia: "Walking to school isn't just fun, it helps the environment to reduce air pollution."



We are very proud of our winner of the 'No Idling' competition.

Alice Y1.

Alice's poster will be part of a campaign across Wigan schools to help to improve our environment and prevent air pollution. Please read the article on the Wigan Council website around the 'Don't Be Idle' campaign at

Eco Club

Our eco- warriors met after school to discuss lots of brilliant ideas to make our school more eco- friendly. Today, we have been busy designing badges for our eco-warriors to wear around school. We had a vote to choose our favourite badge which will be printed and worn so that children and adults know who our warriors are.