All our year 2 children are learning to play the recorder with Mrs Baxendale where they will develop rhythm, notation, composition and performance skills.  More importantly, they will have fun and develop self confidence, determination and team skills.


All our year 4 children and staff are learning to play instruments through the Wider Opportunities Programme which enables them to access tuition for a year from specialist musicians at Wigan Music Service.  Y4T are learning to play brass instruments, Y4M and Y4C are learning to play string instruments.  Every week they will develop skills in reading music, rhythm skills, listening and appreciation, composition and singing skills along with technical mastery of their instrument.  School has provided this opportunity for a number of years now and we have seen a significant rise in self confidence, self control and enjoyment throughout the year as the children learn what it takes to become a musician.


We are very lucky at St Matthews to have a supportive team of staff and governors.  For yet another year, school are funding children who have shown significant talent and ability to continue with their wider opportunity instrument into year 5.  Twenty children across year 5 are receiving free tuition and instrumental hire on violin, viola, cello, flute and clarinet to enable them to continue to play the instrument they took up in year 4. is a great website to play musical games and learn about the orchestra.  Give it a go!


Meanwhile throughout school, our youngest children are enjoying outdoor music with musical equipment bought specifically for outdoor learning.  This will enhance their creative learning skills and will spark their interest in music from an early age. 


KS1 children continue to enjoy weekly music lessons in class where they are able to experiment with sound sources, a wide variety of tuned and unturned percussion and sing on a daily basis.


KS2 children continue to enjoy their weekly lessons through Charanga, a specialist music programme used throughout school to encourage children to sing, play, compose and perform.  



Year 1 have listened to and appraised Baroque music this week. We were then very excited to accompany the music using tuned instruments  for the first time. It was very tricky saying Glockenspiel though!!!!

Year 3 have enjoyed composing their own musical story based on the Peer Gynt Suite by Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg.

year 3 BBC Ten Pieces

In the hall of the mountain king - Edvard Grieg

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This term, Year 2 are focusing on rock music.  We started the topic 'I Wanna Play in a Band' by listening to We Will Rock you by Queen.  The children were enthusiastic with their air guitars and joined in with the chorus. 

Wow!  We are playing the glockenspiel!