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Highfield St Matthew's C of E Primary School

Let Your Light Shine


PE at St Matthew's aims to engage all children, regardless of ability, to be inclusive within a comprehensive sports and activities programme.  We strive to provide a range and wealth of opportunities, in and outside of school, that cater to all abilities and interests, whether that be Full Contact Rugby League, Cheerleading, or even Fencing!


We work with a range of partners to enable us to do this, including Fit2Play sports coaching, local clubs, such as Wigan Athletic and specialist teachers from our feeder High Schools.


With a growing emphasis on Health and Wellbeing in our primary schools, St Matthew's are already ahead of the game;  selected children are offered short courses in Fitness and Nutrition, we run regular programmes and activities for our SEND children and run "Nurture through Sport" sessions for children who need a little extra support.


If you are a local club who would like to link up with school, please contact Mrs. Higgins - we'd love to hear from you.



Highfield St Matthew's is awarded the School Games Gold Mark 2019



Well done to all the staff and children at Highfield St Matthew's - our hard work and dedication has earned us the prestigious School Games Gold Mark, for the 3rd year running


Extra-Curricular Clubs


We believe that engaging young people in physical activity is of great importance at St Matthew's, and because of that, over the course of the year, we offer many extra curricular activities to our pupils.  We regularly consult our children as to the type of sport and activity they would like to see available to them, and we strive to make it happen.  More details of these clubs can be found under the "School Clubs" section of the website, but regular clubs have so far included:

  • Football
  • Full contact Rugby League
  • Judo
  • Fencing
  • Cheerleading
  • Gymnastics
  • Multi Sports (children decide their own programme to follow)
  • Health and Nutrition (as part of the school day)
  • Gross motor skills group (as part of the school day)
  • Netball
  • Archery



The Technical Stuff (Policies and Action Plans for 2019)


PE Action Plan


Year by Year overview (Long Term Plan)

Progression of Skills


Competition News 


A new year has begun, so check back for all the latest competition news once the games begin!


We've lots to look forward to this year, including Tag Rugby, Boccia and swimming. 





It is September 2020 and the ancient sport of Archery has once again come to Highfield!


Due to Covid restrictions, we weren't able to have the assembly we all look forward to, but Matt, the instructor, sent us a video that we all watched in class.   We were very lucky that we were able to enjoy our annual (and socially distanced) Archery course after all. 


Autumn Term Sport


Year 5 have been concentrating on the different skills that are needed in order to be successful in Sport, and this term, we have been concentrating on the Cognitive aspects of sporting success!


Check out the video to show how using tactics and trying to outwit opponents plays just as an important part as fitness.






 Teambuilding Games




Inter-school Competition


Unfortunately, owing to the current Covid restrictions, inter-school competition is not currently taking place.  We are, however, taking part in the Virtual Wigan School Games, concentrating on games and activities within our school bubbles.