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Spring 2 - Healthy Me


Spring 1 


Coming up in Autumn 2


Autumn 2

Year 3 Road Safety 


Year 3 enjoyed their talk about road safety. They followed Indi-Annie Jones into the jungle and used drama to demonstrate how to cross a crocodile-infested river safely! Year 3 also know how to cross the road safely by following the 4 rules which are think, stop, look and listen.  




Celebrating world kindness day today! The children in Year 1 have thought about some lovely ways to show kindness, not only to each other, but their parents, family members and their environment. The world would be a brighter place if everyone followed in Year 1's footsteps. 



This week (9.11.19) is Parliament week. Every day, each class will be having a debate on a chosen topic and then voting. Look at some examples below. 

More to follow!

Autumn 1

What is happening in Autumn 1 term?


In addition to following HeartSmart as our core scheme of work, the teaching and learning of PSHCE will be supported by two whole school weekly themes.  The first of these themes is mental health.   l take place during the week of the 8th - 12th October which covers mental health awareness day on the 10th October. 


We always encourage our children to come and talk to us if they are worried or upset about something.  Parents can help by keeping us informed of things that may affect how your child is feeling.  Please make an appointment to talk to your child's teacher if you have any concerns about your child's mental health.

A useful website is childline.  This offers the children an opportunity to talk about anything.  No problem is too big or small.  Children can call free on 08001111 or get in touch online at www.childline.org.uk

The second event for this half term is walk to school week. During this week the children will be encouraged to walk at least some of the way to school in order to get their walking passport stamped. During this week the children will learn about the health benefits of walking to school.


Miss S Taylor

PSHCE coordinator

                                                            Walk to School Week

The children really enjoyed our Walk to School Week.  Our prefects and other Year 6 helpers were a credit to us as they were out and about stamping and signing everyone's passports. 

The children considered the benefits of walking to school and here are some of their comments:


                                            ''I liked walking to school with my babies.''

                                             Rosie (Year 1)


       ''I liked walking with my friend''

        Mia (Reception)


                                                                   ''I enjoyed walking to school because it gives you exercise.''

                                                                     Joshua (Year 3)


  ''I walk to school all the time because it gives you exercise, it's fun and I can have a chat with

   people I walk with.''

   Amber (Year 4)


                                  "I like walking my dog at the weekend."

                                   Lois (Year 4.)


                                                                         "I like walking to school because it is fresh air and if I

                                                                          walk it cuts down on all the bad stuff that comes out of

                                                                          cars that isn't healthy."

                                                                          Joshua (Year 4)