School Aims


  • To be a happy, caring and safe school where all can expect to develop their talents.
  • To be a school where every child knows and feels that he or she is valued, cared for and is making a positive contribution to their own development and the life of the school.
  • To establish and develop a curriculum which motivates, challenges and meets the needs of all the children in our care
  • To ensure that each child achieves his or her potential.
  • To recognise, promote and develop excellence through achievement, progress and effort.
  • To provide a learning environment, which values the individual and promotes disciplined, enquiring minds and equips children with the necessary skills for their future role in society.
  • To make a positive contribution to the life of the local community and the environment in which we live.



To achieve these aims we work hard to promote a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in which people are always welcome and where trust and respect play an important part.



We can only achieve our aims by working together in partnership with our whole school community of children, staff, parents, Governors and friends.