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jessica(about a decade ago)

The new website is great and I like the photo gallery .

summer rose jones(about a decade ago)

I really like school because all of the teachers are friendly, fun, kind and they have pride in our school. I only joined in year 3 but every boy and girl was caring!!! So i think you should send your child here!!!!

Officer Christal Bartholomew(about a decade ago)

Hello, I am the D.A.R.E. Officer for our school district here in Pemberton and also the Community Resource Officer for our Police Department. I would like to introduce a pen-pal program at our after school program with our 6th and 5th grade students. I am contacting three "Pemberton" towns. I think it would be a great learning experience for the students. Maybe exchange town details and life styles. Please feel free to contact me at my email listed if this is something we could start between our two schools. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon. Officer B

Summer(about a decade ago)

I like that the new website has pictures of us and lingoscope is so fun! I like learning numbers in french and I like the penciles and when you need to open the doors!!

Bethany(about a decade ago)

School is great!!!

Patrick(about a decade ago)

School is brilliant!!!

Kieran(about a decade ago)

Highfield St.Matthews is the greatest school ever and the school website is very good. I think our teacher is very good and funny.

Rebecca(about a decade ago)

This school is fun because all the teachers enjoy their jobs and take pride in their jobs, if your wondering which school to send your child to, send them to Highfield St Matthews the BEST school in the world.

Lauren(about a decade ago)

Highfield St.Matthews is a great school. My favourite subject is Theme and English.

Izaak(about a decade ago)

This website is brilliant! Much better than the old one!

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