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Welcome to Year One!

Long Term Plan 

Below is a brief outline of what we will be covering this year.


Recount writing 

This week in English we are focusing on recounts. The children know that recounts are a piece of writing that gives details of an event that has happened in the past. Today the children listened to a recount from Miss Griffiths and then had to create a storyboard of her recount. They then used this storyboard to help them retell the recount. Some children worked extremely hard to include time words.


Time for reflection

The children listened to a hymn called ' Think of the world without any flowers.' Whilst the hymn played, the children reflected on what our wonderful world would be like without any of the wonderful creations of God. The children believed that without God's wonderful creations then the world would be dull and dark. Caleb said 'Without trees we wouldn't be able to breathe so there would be no people on the Earth.' Jack said 'Without sunlight the world would just be so so dark and it would make me sad.'

Think of a world without any flowers.



This week is Maths week. The children will take part in Maths activities during the week that they may not have chance to do usually! We kick started the week by becoming budding Mathematicians. We looked at the famous Mathematician Archimedes and his displacement of water theory. The only way to research Archimedes and his work is to become Archimedes of course! The children put his theory to the test and were wowed by the results! By the end of the lesson the classroom looked a little wet! The children, however, had a lot of fun and learned something new!


We have also used our skills of working systematically and our problem solving skills to see how many different triangles we could make on our Geo Boards. Some of us worked out that the best way to do this was to change the length of the base every time we made a new triangle. For example, the first triangle had a base of 3, the next triangle had a base of 4 and so on!  


Our bodies and their senses

Science unlocking task! The children have been hooked into our new science topic all about our bodies and our senses! They have shown great knowledge by matching the labels on the body picture and adding their own


How has transport changed?

A part of our Unlocking Task for History, the children went outside to conduct a travel survey! Some of the children brought in some information from home after conducting their own research!


The stitch up!

Parliament week.

To celebrate parliament week we had a special visit from Prime Minister Boon who held a debate on whether we should wear a school uniform or not. The children presented some great agreements but the PM has spoken. Uniforms to stay! 



This term in RE children are learning about creation. We have talked about all the amazing things in our world and who we think created them. The children have then written thank you prayers to God to thank him for our wonderful world. Read some lovely prayers below.

Year 1 enjoyed learning about the local area and made a fantastic messy map. They also were inspired by the artist Marc Quinn to make hand sculptures.

Expectations, rules and other information.




If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to come and see us  or arrange an alternative time at the school office if this is not convenient.

Thank you.


 Mrs Murphy & Miss Caunce