Year 3


Welcome to Year 3!

Expectations, rules and other information.

Maths Week  Maths Week  Maths Week   Maths Week     Maths Week   Maths Week    Maths Week

Year 3 have been learning all about Fibonacci, the famous mathematician. We have written lots of facts about him and have worked out the next numbers in the sequence. We have even had a go at drawing the sequence in our books. We can spot the numbers in Fibonacci's sequence in nature such as a clover, a snail's shell and a pine cone! Take a look at our fantastic work below. 

Year 3 are enjoying Maths Week and are using their knowledge of addition to make 100 by escaping the maze! Will they escape the maze? Check out their work below!

Parliament Week       Parliament Week       Parliament Week     Parliament Week      Parliament Week     

Year 3 have been debating whether there should be an age limit on eating junk food. The results are in... Y3S For: 8 Against: 19. Y3K For: 13 Against: 15. Both classes were against the idea of an age limit. The children expressed their opinion confidently and passionately. I think we might have a few Prime Ministers in the making!

The Shine Curriculum

This year we embark on our new shine curriculum. The children will be developing their knowledge and skills through the foundation subjects. This half term in History, we will be learning about what the Romans did for us. In Science, we will investigate the power of forces and magnets. Our artwork will be displayed in school in our bug hotel. This year, we begin to learn French - oo la la. Take a look at our amazing work below!

What can we find in the UK? 

 Year 3 have started their new Geography unit 'What can we find in the UK?' by discussing facts and using an atlas to identify the countries and cities within the UK.  

How do I get a silent night?

Year 3 have started their Design and Technology journey for the Autumn term! They have been immersed into the topic by evaluating existing products. The children brought in a range of pillows and cushions from home and have conducted a product analysis on them, looking at how they have been made, the aesthetics and how comfortable they are! They will now use this knowledge to make their own! Keep your eyes peeled!

Knowledge Organisers

Below are examples of our Knowledge Organisers. These include important skills, knowledge and vocabulary the children will learn during each topic.

Year 3 really rocked the TT Rock Star Day! Take a look at our Rock Chicks and Rock Legends. Rock on Year 3!

During Collective Worship, Year 3 have been discussing how we can show love around school. We can show love by helping others when they are struggling with their work and showing kindness to everyone. 

Roman Experience Day

 On 1st July, we welcomed an educational company called 'Makers of History' to our school. The children were invited to dress as Celts and experience what it was like when the Romans took over the country.  

They learnt about what the Romans brought to Britain and got an idea of what it was like to be a Roman. 

Lots of fun was had by all! Below are a few pictures from our day.





 E-Safety week

This week in Y3, the children have used the computers to create a poster. The aim of the poster is to promote safe and positive use of digital technology. 



Take a look at an example from Oliver and Brandon in Y3E. 

Happy New Year!

This week we have been learning how to follow instructions and have made some delicious jam sandwiches.  



This half term we will be learning all about different rainforests. We will be locating different rainforests on a map, looking at different animals and their habitats and comparing the different climates.


Thanks from Miss Smith, Mr Edwards and Mrs Kearsley