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Welcome to Year 5's page!


Every week, the children are asked to learn that week's spellings, practise their times tables (particularly the ones they find more difficult) and read at least three times a week. We would very much appreciate your support in encouraging them to complete these tasks to support their learning in the classeroom.


 Please check back regularly for news and updates.


Mrs Higgins, Miss Mitchell and Mrs Bradbury




National Maths Week 2019 (11th - 15th November)

As part of National Maths Week, the children researched a famous mathematician. In Y5, we researched Ada Lovelace, a pioneer of early computing and algorithms. Below, you can read about Ada and see some of the work we produced about her.




In Art in Autumn term, we have been studying North American artists.  From john Singer Sargent's portraits to Ansel Adams's black and white photography, we have been studying and creating our own artwork in the same manner.


We have been studying Helen Frankenthaler and her abstract art.  We have drawn around members of our group on a large piece of paper, to create a piece of abstract art of our own.


Check out our final pieces!


Below are the finished pieces of our abstract art.  Hope you like them!



How can I protect my phone?

Unlocking task

Y5 have started their Design and Technology journey for the Autumn term! They have been immersed into the topic by evaluating existing products. The children looked back on phones and how they used to be made compared to the fancy phones they all have now. They have looked at ways to protect them and have conducted a product analysis on them, looking at how they have been made and the aesthetics! They will now use this knowledge to make their own! Keep your eyes peeled!



Autumn Term History - The Stone Age to Iron Age


In small groups, we had to decide what was the most important thing to find first; water?  Shelter? Firewood? Make a weapon?  These were the kind of decisions that our ancestors,experts at survival, had to face.


Year 5 have been learning about reversible and irreversible changes as part of their topic, 'Properties and changes of Materials'. The children mixed vinegar and bicarbonate of soda together and  watched a chemical reaction occur. They used a balloon to capture the Carbon Dioxide, a gas, which cannot be seen by eye.




Year 5 Residential Trip

Year 5 had a fabulous time filled with lots of fun and exciting activities at Low Bank Ground. 





Here is our Year 5 'Meet The Teacher' presentation