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The Art Curriculum at Highfield St. Matthew’s C.E Primary is bespoke. It provides a unique and exciting curriculum that is created to suit our children, their learning and their future in modern Britain. Research by Art associations has informed and sculpted our Art Curriculum with the belief that all children have a right to an excellent and rigorous art education. With the aim of raising the quality of visual arts teaching and learning, we have adopted inspirational and proven practices within our classrooms. 


Following on from research, our Art Curriculum has been created to enrich the cultural capital of our children. It is centred around a mixture of knowledge and skills in order to inspire creativity, develop artistic skills and gain a greater knowledge of the world’s great artists, designers and sculptors. Using knowledge organisers (which we call Key Learning) we prepare, empower and equip our children with skills, knowledge and vocabulary-rich experiences that excite and engage. Thus, our children will become lifelong learners. At Highfield St Matthew’s, we provide a broad and balanced Art Curriculum to encourage confident, caring, respectful and responsible citizens. Children will be able to develop and build upon existing skills covered in previous years in more depth and will have the confidence to experiment with a range of materials and techniques.


Our children will explore, investigate and manipulate a range of materials allowing them to make their own decisions and show independence for producing a final piece of artwork. Art progresses through school to show the children’s opportunities for challenge, allowing them to showcase their knowledge and skills and engage with a variety of artists and mediums. At Highfield St Matthew’s, we encourage collaborative artwork across the curriculum for bespoke occasions such as Christian Value Projects. Our whole school projects provide our children with exciting opportunities to work with children across Key Stages for a final piece of artwork. There will be many occasions for parents to visit school and view their children’s work on display and support their learning.

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