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Trinity Health & Safety

Trinity follows all school policies and procedures as appropriate


Health & Safety Policy

The setting takes positive steps to promote safety both inside and outside the building, and to promote the good health of children in our care.



All staff make regular assessments of the building and grounds to identify and remedy any hazards that are observed.  Concerns are logged in the Hazard Book.

All gas, electrical and other appliances conform to safety requirements and precautions are taken to ensure that appliances do not pose a hazard to children.  These precautions are appropriate for the age and stage of development of the children that the group care for.

The premises and outdoor play area is secure.  The group has a policy for the arrival and departure of children.  No child will be left unsupervised.

Any broken or unsafe toys or equipment will be either repaired or replaced.


Fire Safety

Fire exits are clearly marked and kept free from obstruction. Fire extinguishers are maintained in good order. Written procedures for evacuating the building in case of fire are displayed in every room. All staff, trainees and volunteers know the procedures. Regular fire drills are carried out and a record of these is kept.




The premises and equipment are kept clean.

Those responsible for the preparation of and the handling of food have attended or will attend a basic food hygiene course and are fully aware of and comply with regulations to food safety and hygiene to date.

Children are encouraged to learn about personal hygiene through the daily routines of the setting.

We have a healthy eating policy that represents parent requirements regarding their children’s diet.


First Aid

We have a named First-Aid Officer who holds a current first aid qualification. Our first aid box complies with Health and Safety (First Aid Regulations Act 1981)

The contents of the first aid box are checked frequently and replaced or discarded as appropriate by the designated First Aid Officer. This is kept in an accessible place and out of reach of children.

A record is kept of all accidents and injuries and parents are told if their child has been hurt in any way and asked to sign the accident book. On admission to the group, parents are asked to provide written permission for staff to seek any necessary emergency treatment if the parent is unable to be contacted.


Medicines and Sick Children

Staff are not allowed to administer medicine other than in exceptional circumstances, which have been fully discussed and agreed with the manager and parents/guardian. Medicines are stored in the main school building unless emergency medicine.

Children who need inhalers will be given access to them at all times.



Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the premises. The management will ensure that trainees, volunteers, parents and carers are made aware that Trinity operates a no smoking policy.

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